AAB College benefiter of the “European business law and doing business” project, within the framework of Erasmus+

9 November 2022

Within the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet program, AAB College has benefited “European Laws and Regulations of Doing Business” project. A module created where laws, regulations and European standards of doing business are contextualized from the perspective of academic achievements on the one hand and on the other, can serve as transformative knowledge to enable a future of increased economic cooperation between local businesses in Kosovo and European consumers, was the main goal of this project.

This module will be included this year as an elective course, at the Master’s level, at the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Law of AAB College, while at least 60 students will follow the module every year. The module will be offered for two semesters in two parallel groups.

We remind you that this is the second project that AAB College has benefited within the Jean Monnet program and will be coordinated by prof. ass. dr. Donat Rexha.