AAB College celebrates World Book Day – distributes “Masar Stavileci” award to three students

24 April 2023
AAB College marks the World Book Day - Gives the "Masar Stavileci" award to three students

The library of AAB College, through an organization, marked World Book Day, while also distributing the “Masar Stavileci” award to the three students who have read the most from this library and frequented its spaces. The Vice-Rector of AAB College, Shemsedin Vehapi, welcomed this organization, adding that this shows the importance that this institution shares for the inclusion of students and the assessment of their commitment, while he said that the role of the book continues to be very efficient for storage and distribution of knowledge.

The director of the library of AAB College, Urim Sallauka, distributed the “Masar Stavileci” award together with the Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration Petrit Bushi, as well as the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology Naim Telaku, to the three most active students in reading books from this library as well as in its use for learning.