“AAB College champion”, Muhamet Ramadani, breaks the record In the Mediterranean Championship

17 September 2022

The student of Physical Education and Sports at AAB College, Muhamet Ramadani, has set a record in
the Mediterranean Championship for the U23 age group. Muhamet Ramadani returned to Kosovo as a
champion after the great success he had in Italy, in the ball shot with a result of 19.3 meters. He said
that with hard work you can achieve anything, although he had felt that he would have a dignified
representation but not to break a record. He further added that his studies at the Faculty of Physical
Education and Sports at AAB College have helped him a lot for the results he has achieved.
“AAB College has helped me a lot, as I saw that I had to continue something other than sports. I came to
AAB College where they welcomed me very warmly, helping me all the time regarding exercises, and
this was a big push for me”, said Muhamet.
The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at AAB College aims to train students through exercises and
cooperations with sports federations, giving them the opportunity to be part of local and international
competitions, and in the end to be duly rewarded for the potential they show.