AAB College, co-organizer in the conference of International Translation Day

30 September 2023
AAB College, co-organizer in the conference on the occasion of World Translation Day

Trankos Company, in cooperation with the Faculty of Philology at the University of Prishtina and the Faculty of Foreign Languages at AAB College, organized the conference: “Translation perspective – Bridge between academia and labor market”. This event aimed to exchange ideas, knowledge and the latest developments in the field of translation and interpretation, bringing together the academy, the language commissioner’s office and the translators themselves.

The dean of the Faculty of Philology, Lindita Sejdiu-Rogova, welcomed this activity as the host and stated that such activities serve both universities and industry. Prof. Aida Alla, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, AAB College, shared the good practices that the college has with the industry, mentioning the continuous consultations for the design of the curriculum, the implementation of the professional practices of students, as well as the creation of the infrastructure for the implementation of the courses that focus on technology in translation.

The Commissioner for Language, Mr. Slavisa Mladenovi, spoke about multilingualism in Kosovo as a constitutional obligation and revealed some data that his office has ascertained in the field.

The director of the TranKos company, Afrim Hyseni, explained in a more practical way how technology has changed the competences that the translator must have nowadays. The activity continued with discussions with professors and translators who were present.