AAB College diploma is recognized in Sweden as well

18 August 2022

Graduating from AAB College means simultaneously being in step and recognized in Europe and beyond.

This has recently been proven by another AAB College student, who completed her bachelor and master studies at the Faculty of English Language.

Qëndresa Lubovci, said that the Swedish Council for Universities and University Colleges (UHR) has given the green light for AAB College degrees, evaluating them same as Swedish bachelor and master degrees.

She expressed herself very happy and proud to be a part of AAB College, highlighting: “I am happy to have been part of AAB College, now even prouder when I know that the diplomas and the knowledge I received at the Faculty of English Language are also appreciated in Sweden”.

For Qëndresa, this is just the beginning of her dream, she revealed her plans to become an English teacher and translator in Sweden.

Crossing borders with diplomas from AAB College, show and prove concrete results of the professional and dedicated work by the academic staff, but also the continuous commitment of the diligent students.