24 April 2018

“I prefer to read than to write”, said Prof. Masar Stavileci, now deceased, in whose honor, AAB College, today on World Book Day, established the “Masar Stavileci” award, for students and regular readers of the AAB College University Library.

On this occasion, the Rector of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa, said that Professor Masari was the first rector of AAB College, was a professor, and a friend and colleague of ours.

“We were fortunate to be friends with him. Despite the fact that he was an author and translator of books, he always said that he liked reading more. Therefore, we establish this award for all the regular readers of our library in his name” said Tafa.

The family members of Prof. Masar Stavileci were also present at the award ceremony. On this occasion, the son, Blerand Stavileci, said that we feel excited but also very honored as a family, that on such a special day as World Book Day, the rector and AAB College have decided to keep and honor the name of our parent, “Books were my father’s best friend! He lived for and through books, everything revolved around books, so it honors us that he will be immortalized this way.” said Blerand Stavileci.

The “Masar Stavileci” was given for the first time today to 4 deserving students and regular readers in the University Library.