AAB College holds roundtable on World Universal Health Coverage Day

12 December 2019

On the occasion of December 12th, the World Universal Health Coverage Day, the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College held a roundtable discussion on the topic “Health for all – keep the promise”.

At the opening of the roundtable, Vice-Rector Shemsedin Vehapi spoke about the contribution that AAB College gives in the good of the community: “Genuine health lies in prevention. AAB College has undertaken various initiatives in cooperation with the Faculty of Sports and Health programs that have promoted a healthy lifestyle through photographs, information, illustrations which remind us that we have neglected health care for ourselves.

While the panelist Majlinda Gjocaj, revealed details on the factors that affect the universal health coverage and the reason for marking this day on this date. “December 12th is marked as World Universal Health Coverage Day, to refer to memory so that no one is behind health education. The motto that characterizes this day for this year is “Keep the Promise” which means that we must keep in mind that we all need health. “Some of the factors that affect universal health coverage are: demographics, epidemiology, culture and history, socio-economic aspects, demands for services and available resources.”

Prof. dr. Lulzim Qela, disclosed statistics regarding universal health coverage in Kosovo and for countries in the region. He also spoke about the legal framework on which universal health coverage is based and to whom it refers.

“Half of the world’s population still does not have full coverage of health services. While in Kosovo, in terms of financial and services provided, we have major shortages. “Kosovo enters the group of countries that have high average incomes in terms of health”, said Qela.

The students that were present also became part of the discussion with their engagement through questions and comments posed at this roundtable.

It is worth noting that Norway holds the first place for health coverage in Europe as 90% of the expenses are covered by the state.