AAB College honors two prominent American personalities with the “Honorary professor” title

8 May 2024

Today in the Chamber Theater of AAB College, the ceremony of awarding “Honorary Professor” title was held for two prominent American personalities Dr. Benjamín Fernández Bogado and Dr. Peter Marko Tase.

In this ceremony moderated by the vice-rector Venera Llunji, the contribution that Dr. Benjamín Fernández Bogado and Dr. Peter Marko Tase have given on the field of literature and education in general was rewarded.

Rector Blerim Olluri thanked the attendees, staff and students for their presence, while noting that it is an honor for AAB College to have collaborations with such personalities, who have a key role in important events.

Motivated by the contribution made to the promotion of the values of freedom and democracy, the rector of AAB College honored Dr. Benjamín Fernández Bogado as “Honorary Professor”, who’s lecturer and international expert on communications. The latter was very impressed with his first visit to Kosovo and to AAB College. He thanked everyone for the appreciation and given title.

While with the motivation for the contribution given to the advancement of universal values and the promotion of Albanian literature in the world, the title “Honorary Professor” was awarded to Dr. Peter Marko Tase, author and editor of dozens of books, who had many thanks adding that he is excited to be in a ceremony surrounded by students, as the future of our country.

At the end of the ceremony, the main singer-songwriter of Paraguay, as well as one of the most popular voices of Latin America, Lizza Bogado, held a concert where she sang some of her most popular songs, bringing moments of fun to everyone present.