AAB College inaugurates the digital laboratory for human sciences and educational media within the framework of the Homodigitalis Project

5 July 2024

Thanks to financial support from the Erasmus+ program, within the Homodigitalis project where AAB College was a partner, the Digital Laboratory for Humanities and Educational Media was opened today.

At the opening ceremony, the coordinator of the project Arbërore Bicaj, thanked those present while appreciating the work carried out by all involved. She also emphasized the importance that the Erasmus+ Office in Kosovo attaches to such projects that are developed by higher education institutions.

The rector of AAB College Blerim Olluri said that: “This project has a special importance for our institution, especially for faculties such as Social Sciences, Arts and Computer Science because the digital laboratory, as a modern structure, will serve as a bridge between creativity and innovation, and will empower students to be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges”.

Mimika Dobroshi, coordinator at the Erasmus+ Office in Kosovo, spoke about the Erasmus+ program in general and the many aids it offers to educational institutions. She congratulated AAB College for the inauguration of the laboratory, saying that this is one of the 13 projects dealing with the field of digitization, as a priority of Erasmus+.

The Director of the Projects Office at AAB College, Ilirjana Geci, thanked the collaborators in this project, for the results achieved as a result of the excellent cooperation with local and international universities.

“The support of the Erasmus+ Office in Kosovo is access to the resources that make our goals possible. Through this project we are experiencing transformation and making innovation part of our lives. Also, an even more dynamic atmosphere is being created in our environment”, said Geci, among other things.

In a virtual connection, the project coordinator and dean at the Faculty of Humanities and Linguistic Communication at LOGOS University College, Konstantinos Giakoumis, spoke about the importance of the opening of the laboratory and the help it offers to students. He said that he hopes that this laboratory will be used to its maximum capacity and bring the right results.

The Digital Laboratory for Humanities and Educational Media will be at the service of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Computer Science.