AAB College is awarded by the European Commission with the “Jean Monnet” plaque for the successful
Erasmus+ module

5 September 2022

The executive agency of education, audiovisuality and culture within the European Commission has
honored AAB College, with a special “Jean Monnet” plaque, for the activities and development of the
Erasmus+ module during 2021.
This plaque, according to the agency, has a dual role, as it primarily shows the quality in European
integration studies and the achievements of the Erasmus+ module by AAB College. “The purpose of this
plaque is twofold. It serves primarily as a label that indicates quality in European integration studies and
represents the achievements of your module in this field”, is said in the received letter from this agency.
The executive agency further added that this plaque will also be a promotional point for European
issues, both within the AAB College and outside the institution. AAB College, as part of the Erasmus+
program, enables students to exchange in well-known universities, from where they create
unforgettable experiences, thus expanding their professional and academic horizons with the
knowledge they gain.