15 March 2021

The Board of the European Law Faculties Association (ELFA) admitted the Faculty of Law of AAB College as a full member of this association.

This is a very important step for AAB College, given that the Faculties of Law in Europe and around the world are facing a number of challenges today, such as creating systems for comparability of higher education between countries and recognition of diplomas received in foreign countries, providing adequate funding for its members, creating new jobs, student and staff mobility, digital education, etc.

ELFA was founded in 1995 in Leuven, Belgium, by more than 80 law faculties from various universities across Europe.

ELFA’s mission is to represent and promote the interests of its members in the field of legal education and research in relation to the European Institutions, National Education Institutions, and Lawyers and Prosecutors’ Associations.

The organization currently has more than 150 members from inside and outside the EU and acts as an international forum for discussing many legal topics related to legal education.