18 June 2018

Throughout the academic year, the AAB College Library has been very frequented by students from all departments of this college.

Even now, during exam times, the AAB Library is overcrowded with students who are using the library space, the computers, the books, and scientific-academic journals, the sources of which are very important for their preparation for exams.

The staff of the AAB College Library is dedicated and professionally trained to provide students with all the equipment they need for them to find the adequate information.

“The AAB College Library is a modern facility which offers students its space, academic literature for all fields of study, computers, and more specifically, electronic resources such as scientific journals and online books. As you may be informed, AAB College has already signed several cooperation agreements with very large companies in the world for the use of these academic journals “, said the director of the Library of AAB College, Urim Sallauka.

Sallauka adds that every request of students to the library is taken seriously and fulfilled in record time.