13 May 2020

AAB College’s Faculty of Nursing has marked International Nursing Day through discussion in a panel composed of participants from different countries who are experts in this field and also prominent professionals.

Participants in this panel were:

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at AAB College, Mr. Idriz Sopiani, President of the Kosovo Chamber of Nurses, Mr. Naser Rrustemi, Nursing Coordinator at HUCSK, Mrs. Lirije Beqiri, Academician – Epidemiologist, Mr. Isuf Dedushi, Director of the Center for Social Care, Health and Related Research, Birmingham school of health sciences, Ms. Joanne Brooke, President of the Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia, Ms. Monika Ažman, Integrations coordinator – Agaplesion Elisabethenstift, Mr. Felix Vacek, Tirana Nursing Expert, Mrs. Sajmira Aderaj and Mrs. Fatjona Kamberi from the University “Ismail Qemaili” – Vlora.

This discussion focused on the role of Nursing in this period of Pandemic and the importance of this profession.

Participants had the opportunity to bring different experiences from their countries, talking about the great challenges and difficulties brought by the COVID-19 Pandemic for the entire medical system and especially for Nurses around the world.

Strengthening the role of Nurses was one of the topics discussed during this online meeting, where they also talked about the training organized by different countries to prepare the staff of nurses.

This discussion was highly praised by panelists as a very valuable opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other.