23 April 2020

On the occasion of April 23, International Book and Copyright Day, AAB College, although in unusual circumstances, marked this day through a live broadcast with students. In this online discussion, the professors and writers: Mr. Rrahman Paçarizi and Mrs. Ilire Zajmi-Rugova, as well as the Director of the Library of AAB College, Mr. Urim Sallauka took part. 

They talked about the importance of the book and the awareness of good time management using books especially in this period of isolation. Another important issue that was discussed was the respect for copyright in Kosovo.

“We find lost freedom in books, we live there and coexist with the characters and the stories we read, so I remember it’s an ideal situation for us to retreat into ourselves, reading books. Another issue has to do with copyright, which is not respected, not appreciated in our country, and it should be noted that most of those who publish books, publish books because they love the book, because they live by writing and I do not know of any author in Kosovo that has done this for financial benefits”, said Mrs. Ilire Zajmi-Rugova.

Whereas, Mr. Paçarizi spoke more about book management and the non-penetration of Albanian authors abroad.

“The book, like everything else, must be managed, that is, a book when it is published must have a follow-up infrastructure, and that infrastructure primarily consists of the media, which must promote the book. Another management is the existence of a genuine and systematic literary critique, which would guide the reader on what to read about when it comes to a particular book. As far as Kosovo is concerned, books in our country circulate within a closed circle, very few books penetrate abroad except those that have arrived to be translated or have been published directly in other languages “, said Mr. Paçarizi.

Also, during this discussion, the Director of the Library of AAB College, Mr. Urim Sallauka announced the winners of the “Masar Stavileci” Award for the most devoted readers of the library. He said that the students of AAB College are avid readers and use a good part of their time in the library.

It is worth noting that the AAB College Electronic Library is also providing access to international literature and journals even during the isolation period so that students have access to these materials at all times.