AAB College marks World Health Day

10 April 2019

AAB College’s Faculty of Nursing held a roundtable discussion on health education in Kosovo and in the world on the occasion of World Health Day.

The director of the Health Directorate in the Municipality of Prishtina, Mr. Bujar Gashi, when speaking about the organizational levels of health care said that: “Primary health care does not only provide services in today’s institutions but also participates in systematic visits outside of institutions which are happening. The first phase of systematic visits to Prishtina schools has ended; today begins the second phase of systematic visits to schools, through which a part of the annual program that takes place in the capital will be completed “

Genc Ymerhalili, health expert, said that home visits have started in Kosovo in order to help mothers and children.
“A very important element which has already begun to be implemented in the conceptual form are home visits. These home visits provide mother and child care, which is the duty of family medicine teams, and is aimed at looking after the health of mothers and children” said Genc Ymerhalili.

During this discussion, a call for the promotion of healthy living both at the individual and social level was made.