AAB College offered free services for the International Day of the Elderly

20 October 2021

On the occasion of the International Day of the Elderly, AAB College, precisely the Faculty of Nursing, stood by citizens of different age groups in all municipalities of Kosovo to provide free nursing services.

The purpose of this organization was to inform the citizens about the promotion of healthy living during the three periods of life, as well as to raise public awareness for this day which is marked all over the world but also by AAB College for some time now.

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at AAB College, prof.dr. Idriz Sopjani was satisfied with the final results of this organization, and he said that the elderly citizens who needed these nursing services did not hesitate to approach the tents of AAB College.

“It is always important to take care of the elderly. AAB College has always organized activities that are related to the promotion of healthy living, therefore this activity was extremely well received by citizens and especially by the elderly who had the opportunity to receive free services provided by the Faculty of Nursing’’ said Dean Sopjani.

He also added that every citizen should make every effort to educate and raise awareness regarding October 1st, International Day of the Elderly.

The citizens who participated in this activity thanked AAB College, which always supports such initiatives either by giving something or even serving for them.