AAB College organizes the “Learning space in education” regional conference

17 October 2022

On October 21, AAB College will organize the regional conference “Learning space in education”, where
the focus is the presentation of the results of scientific research in the field of designing teaching spaces,
by academics, researchers or students.
The coordinator of the conference, prof. Xhavit Rexhaj from AAB College, has shown the details
regarding the organization of this conference, which is the first in our country that deals with such topic.
“The conference has a regional character, and contributes to the definition of principles and guidelines
on how to design, how to project learning spaces in higher education throughout Europe”, Rexhaj
announced, adding that in the conference that will take place in AAB College will discuss the situation
with the teaching spaces in general, as well as exchange different opinions from different parties.
Prof. Rexhaj emphasized that participants in the conference will be dozens of people from European
countries, such as Spain, England, Poland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Portugal, and other guests from the
region. Among the main speakers of this conference will be well-known names of science such as Pablo
Campos Salvo-Sotelo from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain; Prof. Theodore Leiber from EA
Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; Dr. James Williams from Birmingham City University, Great Britain; and
Prof. dr. Bardhyl Musai from the University of Tirana, Albania.
The goals of this regional conference are to draw up the design principles of education spaces, which has
been missing until now, while a symposium will be held alongside the conference, where learning spaces
in higher education will be specifically addressed.
The Regional Conference, which will be held at AAB College, is organized with professional support from
the implementing partners of the “Learning Spaces in Higher Education” project, financed by the funds
of the Erasmus Plus program of the European Commission.