AAB College professor, Luan Tashi brings 67 Skanderbeg artifacts to the national gallery

11 February 2022

“Portraits of Skanderbeg over the centuries” is the title of the exhibition of AAB College professor, Luan Tashi, who has brought 67 artifacts to the National Gallery of Kosovo.

The exhibition in question possesses various artifacts that present the history of Skanderbeg, such as coins, manuscripts, stamps, engravings, lithographs, paintings, mosaics, medals and postage stamps of Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg.

In this exhibition, which will remain open until March 8, visitors also have the opportunity to see the portrait of Skanderbeg, carved in stone by sculptor Andrea Aleksi.

According to artist Tashi, the exhibition is part of Skanderbeg’s book, which was published in 2018, on the 550th anniversary of Skanderbeg’s death. These artifacts were taken from various archives, such as the ones in Dubrovnik, Italy, Istanbul, Albania, and also from libraries in Washington and New York.