AAB College signs the continuation of cooperation agreement with the University Alexander Moisiu from Durrës, Albania

7 June 2021

AAB College and Aleksandër Moisiu University from Durrës, Albania, represented by the respective Rectors, Dr. Sc. Bujar Demjaha and Prof. Dr. Kseanela Sotirofski, today signed the extension of their cooperation agreement in order to deepen the cooperation between the two institutions.

In the signing ceremony, held at the premises of the University Aleksandër Moisiu in Durrës, the Rectors highlighted the mutual benefits gained by the two institutions of Higher Education from the establishment and development of relations with one-another.

The signed agreement foresees the exchange of academic staff for teaching in subjects and modules of common interest, joint study programs, and qualification of academic staff through the organization of seminars, workshops, scientific conferences, scientific directorship, organization and drafting of joint programs, transfer of studies and programs according to common needs and interests, cooperation for joint academic and periodical publications, use of libraries by the academic staff and students of both institutions, etc.

Aleksandër Moisiu University in Durrës was established in 2006. Within this institution operate 6 faculties, in which 20 thousand students are currently going through their studies.