AAB College students attend the summer semester in Poland thanks to Erasmus+

23 August 2022

Within the Erasmus+ student exchange program, students from AAB College have attended the summer semester at the University of Lodz, Poland. From there they have shared their experiences, being thankful for the opportunity offered by AAB College and the Erasmus+ program.

The group of students of the Faculty of English Language from AAB College has already settled in one of the most popular universities in Poland.

“The opportunity of student exchange offers us the space to prove all the lessons and the tireless work that the academic staff of AAB College has done, engaging us and preparing us for such an experience. We are all grateful, this will be a great drive professionally and academically”, students emphasized.

AAB College, within the Erasmus+ program, has constantly exchanged students so that each of them can share experiences with others, be part of society by integrating with all the knowledge they receive during their studies.