AAB College students climb the Sharr mountains to mark the International Olympic Day

23 June 2022

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at AAB College has marked June 23, International Olympic Day, by climbing the Sharr Mountains. The destination of the trail through which they passed were the Sharr Mountains and Lake Jazhince, a lake located at an altitude of 2180m. Climbing in this terrain is considered moderately difficult. The trail was 16 km long, and the walk lasted a total of 6 hours. During their trek, the students got to enjoy the views of dense mountains, the nature, waterfalls, etc.

The expedition organized on this occasion, which for AAB College has already become an annual tradition, was attended by professors and students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports. This activity was also supported by the Kosovo Olympic Committee this year.

The celebration of the International Olympic Day by climbing the Sharr Mountains was also a precursor for the next challenge and expedition, since, in July the students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports will have the opportunity to cross the highest peak in the Albanian Alps, the peak of Gjeravica situated 2,656 meters above sea level.