20 October 2020

From February 11-14, 2021, for the first time in virtual format, the largest international student conference HNMUN “Harvard National Model United Nations” will be held. For the first time in this prestigious competition, students of the Faculty of Law from AAB College who have been selected through a public competition will also participate.

Mentored by Professor Skender Gjani and Professor Egzonis Hajdari, our students Lirie Hoti, Dafina Ukaj, Leandrit Llunji, and Enxhi Ballata, will be part of the 67th edition of the oldest and most prestigious student competition. This edition of HNMUN will be attended by over 2500 delegates from over 40 countries to discuss the world’s most pressing issues and build balanced and integrated solutions to complex issues of international importance.

Harvard University is the oldest and most highly ranked university in America and the world in higher education, and is the organizer of this conference, supported by the United Nations. This conference was inaugurated in 1953, when a group of Harvard students who had previously simulated the work of the League of Nations, decided to start a new simulation for the United Nations. AAB College wishes success to the group participating in this conference.