AAB College Students respond positively to the call for voluntary blood donation

10 May 2019

The staff and students of AAB College have responded positively to the voluntary blood donation organized by Kosovo National Center for Blood Transfusion, in cooperation with AAB College’s Faculty of Nursing. Dozens of AAB College students, as part of the Nursing Week, have responded to the call for blood donation.

Since the morning hours, a great willingness was shown by students, academic staff and other AAB employees to donate blood.

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at AAB College, Idriz Sopjani, thanked all students and AAB staff that once again showed their willingness to volunteer for blood donation.

He also thanked the Nursing students for their hard work. “Nursing Week is marked with many activities and one of them is blood donation, this activity shows the empathy that nursing students have as nurses of the future.

Besides the care we provide the patient, we make every effort to save lives or facilitate healing via blood donations” said Sopjani.

The humanitarian blood event is traditional and is organized annually by AAB College in cooperation with (KCFR). AAB College has always had record numbers of blood donations in Kosovo.