AAB College the main center of culture in the country

3 June 2024

May brought to AAB College the most prominent cultural events in the country, once again making the institution the center of them and of the weight that such activities carry.

Continuing the tradition followed with extraordinary success, “Prishtina International Theater Festival” opened the chapter for the eighth edition in a row. The opening ceremony was attended by important state figures such as: Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Albin Kurti, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Mr. Hajrullah Çeku, the Ambassador of Albania to Kosovo His Excellency Petrit Malaj, the Ambassador of Montenegro to Kosovo His Excellency Bernard Çobaj and many other personalities from the public life.

The festival lasted a week, bringing theater troupes from around the world to the two theaters of AAB College. During this week, in addition to the performances, there were also activities such as: workshop with director Filip Petkovski from North Macedonia, masterclass with director Ana Vukotić from Montenegro, exhibition by photographer Arton Humolli, literary class with poet Agim Vinca and “Poetry night” with poets Halil Matoshi and Lulzim Tafa.

“Prishtina Arts and Architecture Festival”, started its fifth journey at the Faculty of Arts of AAB College from May 24. This festival aimed to promote the work and talents of students from the Faculty of Arts, which this year also highlighted their creativity for all visitors. Within PAAF, exhibitions, fashion shows, workshops, etc. were held.

Students are the center of AAB College, therefore their work and commitment, is always put first. Their talent and will were conveyed through the collective student exhibition of the Faculty of Social Sciences, with the curator Professor Eroll Murati. Its concept was built on the individual emotions of the students of this faculty, displayed between real, abstract paintings and sculptures, with combined techniques and objects from classic to modern.

These cultural activities and events were followed by the exhibition of the well-known artist and singer Nikollë Nikprelaj, “Heart Sounds”, with the curator, teacher and artist Hajrush Fazliu. A large number of well-known artists and students from all faculties participated in the lobby of AAB “Faruk Begolli” Theater where the opening of the exhibition took place.

In addition to these key events, the International Staff Week, Sports Week, the third edition of the International Dentistry Congress “Prishtina Dental Weekend”, book promotions, the awarding of the title of “Honorary Professor” to poet Agim Vinca and two prominent American personalities Dr. Benjamín Fernández Bogado and Dr. Peter Marko Tase, lecture and concert within the Croatian Culture Week, etc, were held.