AAB College welcomes on a visit the directors of the USAID Kosovo Compete Project

3 February 2023
AAB College welcomed the leaders of the USAID Kosovo Compete project

The rector of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha, has welcomed the director of the USAID Kosovo Compete Project, Skënder Rama, together with the executive director of Ciao Berto, Bashkim Krasniqi. The visit took place as a result of the signing of the agreement that the two institutions have recently reached. This agreement includes the implementation of the joint project for the establishment of an executive program in the field of wood processing.

During the visit, the rector of AAB College and officers from the Project Development Office discussed about the possibility of supporting higher education through funding programs from USAID, while at the end of the meeting, the visitors observed closely every space of AAB College, being impressed by the infrastructure and investments carried out.