AAB College welcomes with a special ceremony the Council of American Ambassadors and members of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors

11 May 2023
AAB College welcomes with a special ceremony the Council of American Ambassadors and Members of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors

In a very special organization at AAB Theater “Faruk Begolli” of AAB College, the Council of American Ambassadors and members from the Council of Albanian Ambassadors were welcomed, on the occasion of the “101st anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Albania – USA and the 15th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Kosovo – USA “.

In the introductory speech of this organization, the rector of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa, expressed his deep gratitude for this visit, considered an honor for AAB College and the participating students. He added that since the establishment of AAB College, important political and diplomatic figures, artists, well-known sportsmen have visited this institution, so this is one of the greatest privileges that could have been done over the years.

After Rector Tafa, the Executive Director of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors Genc Muçaj spoke, adding that he feels grateful to be among the young people, as he added that AAB College is one of the best institutions not only in the country but also in the region. Tutje Muçaj said that Kosovo is in the heart of every Albanian, while he appreciated the contribution of everyone who made this event possible, while mentioning professor Flamur Gashi and the rector of AAB College Lulzim Tafa.

During the ceremony, the rector of AAB College Lulzim Tafa awarded the International Prize for Democracy and Integration to the Chairman of the Council of American Ambassadors, Timothy Chorba, for the contribution that the USA and American diplomacy have made to the state formation and democracy of Kosovo.

Mr. Chorba thanked the Rector for awarding this award, saying that he has visited hundreds of countries in the world but nowhere has he seen the respect and warmth for the USA as he had seen during his stay in Kosovo. He also had a message for the students of AAB College, motivating them that the acquired knowledge will give them success in the years to come, and therefore they should always be ready to learn new things.

In this ceremony, the main speaker was the former US ambassador to Denmark, Laurie S. Fulton, who told about her visit seven years ago with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, while adding that she had “left a part of her heart in Kosovo and now she had come to look for it”. Fulton emphasized the position of the USA in favor of the development of Kosovo and added that he is looking forward to coming again.

Philip Hughes, vice-president of the Council of American Ambassadors, said that this is his first visit to Kosovo, from which he was extremely impressed until he mentioned the plans we have as a country for the future, ambitions and many other goals. He wished prosperity, democracy, stability and security for Kosovo and its citizens.

Even the first ambassador of Kosovo to USA, Avni Spahiu, was present during this ceremony, while he mentioned the historical contribution that the USA has given to Kosovo and Albania. Spahiu shared his experience as the first Ambassador to the USA, saying that he was proud of the position he held and the strengthening of relations during that time and until now between the USA and Kosovo. In addition to the speeches of the special guests, there were also two artistic performances by Elizabeta Qarri and soprano Arta Jashari, who impressed the audience with their