AAB College’s Faculty of Nursing is continuing its cooperation with German institutions and companies

27 September 2019

The cooperation of the AAB College’ Faculty of Nursing with German institutions and companies is deepening day by day. In the continuation of this cooperation agreement and the preparation of highly competent staff in their respective fields, recently the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Shqipe Tahiri and the Assistant Professor Aferdita Seferaj, paid a visit to Stuttgart, Germany.

During their study visit to the “School of Nursing Education – Diakonia”, they participated in a seminar on “The design and content of education curricula in Germany”.

Representatives of the AAB College’s Faculty of Nursing also visited the Red Cross Hospital, where they watched closely the way nursing work is done and contributed to their training in “planning and implementing nursing practical learning guides”.

On this occasion they also visited the associates of AAB College’s Faculty of Nursing, SANA Kliniken.

AAB College is continuously creating new opportunities for the advancement of future nurses who have entrusted their studies to us.