AAB launches research project “Impact of information technology and media on mental health”

7 June 2021

“AAB Summer Project” is a project that AAB has launched for its students, which will be implemented during the summer holidays 2021.

This initiative will bring together students from the Faculties of Psychology, Mass Communication and Computer Science in a major research project, in which students, in collaboration with the teaching staff, will research topics related to the Impact of information technology and media on mental health. 

The main goal of this project is to develop students’ research capacities, but also to offer them a wide range of information and recreational activities. The students will remain involved in this project even during the summer holidays.

The research which will take place during the summer is intended to be concluded with a scientific conference which will be organized at AAB College in October 2021.

In addition to the research activity, every week, other activities will be organized, such as lectures with professionals in the field and watching movies.

The project launch meeting was attended by representatives of the AAB College Rectorate and research students.

During this meeting, the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology Naim Telaku, on behalf of the three faculties, unveiled the idea and specifics of the project.