AAB students from the Faculty of Computer Sciences certified in “Java”, “C #” and “Cyber ​​Security”

28 February 2019

In addition to the regular classes, the Faculty of Computer Sciences of AAB College, this semester has also organized trainings for its students and other interested parties outside of AAB.

The training sessions for Java programming language and the Basics of Web penetration have been successfully completed by the participants in the following days. However, great interest was also shown for programming in C#, where besides a large number of students, there were many others who weren’t part of AAB college that attended.


After 10 weeks of work, students underwent the tests and tasks required for certification. Aside from the knowledge gained during those 10 weeks, those who met the necessary criteria during testing were given a certificate. Based on the high number of interested attendees but also of other students, the Faculty of Computer Science has compiled a list of different training sessions for the future, which will be organized at AAB College.