27 April 2020
Pandemia Covid-19

Elionita Halimi is a student at the Faculty of Nursing at AAB College. Like hundreds of other young people, she has volunteered to assist quarantined persons at the Student Center in Prishtina.

Elionita points out that she is committed to meeting the routine health needs and meeting the physical and mental needs of the people who are being isolated there. According to her, volunteer work is a way of expressing humanism for the people without distinction both in times of pandemics and during regular life.

“By deciding to study at the Faculty of Nursing at AAB College, I had already chosen the direction of humanism. Our work is an expression of humanity towards our citizens and people when they need us. I consider helping each other to be the key to all the positive virtues that distinguish us as human beings.” said Elionita.

Elionita, being certified by the International Olympic Committee in Korea for coaches in Taekwondo – 1 dan master, also undertakes activities with children in many kindergartens aside from volunteering to help with isolated persons.

It should be mentioned at the end that Elionita is not alone in the undertaking of these activities, many other AAB students are also engaged in such activities in many other municipalities.