AAB Summer Project workshop held at AAB College

14 June 2021

As part of the AAB Summer Project, the Faculty of Psychology continued its weekly activities with a lecture which talked about the psychological services offered in the Department of Gynecology at UCCK and the Kosovo Correctional Service.

Guests at this event were Brikena Krasniqi-Hoti, psychotherapist and specialist in clinical psychology, and Arbër Zeka, psychotherapist specializing in group psychotherapy and positive psychotherapy, employed in the Kosovo Correctional Service.

The two psychologists shared their very valuable experiences they had during their internships, which garnered a lot of interest from the students who asked numerous questions about the topics discussed.

Psychologist Brikena Krasniqi-Hoti stressed that the need for a psychologist in the gynecological ward is extremely important given the fragile nature of women, which is constantly in a kind of psychological transition from pregnancy to the post-natal phase, and receiving psychological help in these cases is more than necessary for their psychological well-being.

Meanwhile, psychologist Arbër Zeka, also shared a lot of interesting information, explaining once again the importance of the psychologist in the Kosovo Correctional Service, saying that the psychological assistance provided by psychologists in this institution has only just started preventing suicides in 2020, where, approximately, 40 suicide attempts by prisoners have been recorded thus far.

Zeka pointed out that these statistics are constantly updated, and are also published online on the website of the relevant institution, which students can freely use for research in the field of psychology.

On the other hand, in the framework of the project “AAB Summer Project”, students, together with their mentors, discussed their next research steps. Dean Naim Telaku emphasized the importance of the project, whereas additional clarifications of the methodology were given by Prof. Shpend Voca. Currently, research groups are in the phase of selecting relevant topics and variables.

At the end of today’s activity, Dean Telaku told the students and those present that the international psychologist Dr. Mariel Leclère will be invited to the next meeting and will speak about EEG Electroencephalography and Neurofeedback.