The books “From Independence to Independence” by Ferhat Dinosha and “Chronicle from the Valley” by Baki Rexhepi, promoted at AAB College

7 March 2022

Two books by Ferhat Dinosha and Baki Rexhepi were promoted today at AAB College. Both books are considered to be very important for the history and evidence they carry.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of AAB College, Mr. Lulzim Tafa welcomed the promotion of these two books and said that he was honored to be part of such promotions at AAB College. Whereas, the author Ferhat Dinosha, during his speech, thanked all those who made possible the publication of his book, and added that he tried to express everything that is written in the book correctly. On the other hand, the author Baki Rexhepi said that he is grateful and that this book will be a proof of the great works that have happened in the Valley. “From Independence to Independence” is a book which talks about important issues in the progress of Montenegro towards its independence and the impact that this process has had on the Albanians of Montenegro and the politics of Kosovo. His book, “Chronicle from the Valley” summarizes and presents the historical reality of Albanians from the Valley.

The panelists who participated in the promotion of these two books were Fatmir Sejdiu, Arsim Bajrami, Hajredin Kuçi, Shaip Kamberi, Fatmir Arifi, and professors and students of AAB College. These two books are considered important for national history.