Adelheid Feilcke, Program Director for Europe in Deutsche Welle holds special lecture for students of the Faculty of Mass Communication

13 May 2022

“The first victim of war is the truth”, with this statement begins the special lecture by Adelheid Feilcke for the students of Mass Communication, on the topic “Media and reporting in times of crisis”.

According to Feilcke, lies spread faster than the truth, showing how in any war, whether in World War I or World War II, the war in the former Yugoslavia, or the war of the Middle East countries, in principle lies are the same. Losses are either hidden or not published as losses, and the losses of the opponent are exaggerated, and often aggression appears as protection. And for the many lies and pitfalls, Ms. Feickle has some tips that every user and journalist should follow: not to disguise the report, analysis or comment as news, to check the news sources, to find at least a second source, and do an in-depth verification of news, figures and places.

She also shared a phenomenon that often happens today, the phenomenon of “Lost in translation” where information is lost during translation. She also pays a lot of attention to the editorial staff for “Fact checking”, which aims to expose fake news. When asked by students what advice she has for crisis reporting for young journalists, Fieckle said that we should always stick to the rules no matter the situation and always have good will as young journalists to report.