Aida Thaqi invited to Radboud Summer School in Nijmegen, Netherlands, under the Erasmus + Program

10 June 2022

Quality Assurance Coordinator and Assistant of the Faculty of English Language, MA. Aida Thaqi, will participate in the Radboud Summer School in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, in the framework of the partnership between AAB College, Radboud University, and Erasmus +. She has selected the course “Trends in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language”. The aim of this course is to open a window into the neuroscience study of language, by testing different theories and views on brain mechanisms that support the production and understanding of language for communication purposes.

Such trainings are important because achieving a deeper understanding of how the brain supports language and communication, enhances skills and helps develop one as a language teacher while also paving the way for further studies.