Alma Topalli student of AAB College receives scholarship for doctoral studies at the University of Munster

3 April 2024
AAB College student Alma Topalli wins scholarship to study PhD at University of Munster

Alma Topalli, a student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at AAB College, is the next success story that makes our institution witness everywhere in the world with the generations it produces every year.

After her master’s studies at AAB College, she began her doctoral studies at the University of Munster, located in Germany, but this was only the first step of the journey that would lead to one of the highest achievements in the academic field of a student.

Alma received the DAAD scholarship, which is recognized as one of the most prestigious in the German state, in the branch of Philology for English Language and Literature with a focus on children’s literature.

“Studies at AAB College were the starting point of a dream that I was waiting for to come true, immediately after the recognition of the diploma. From this I understood that my story would serve as an inspiration for all other students, it is enough to show the will and desire to achieve success, but at the same time working hard in the direction they have chosen”, was Alma’s message.