24 April 2021

As part of the special lectures held with foreign diplomats, the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, Çağrı Sakar, spoke at AAB College for the students of the Faculty of Public Administration.

During the lecture on Turkish Foreign Policy, the Turkish ambassador to our country spoke about the role of the country he represents in the region, the continent and beyond. He said Turkey has bilateral relations with the Western Balkan countries and maintains good relations with all of them.

“Turkey’s Balkan policy adopts a regionally inclusive stance.” Sakar said, noting that Kosovo was not involved in regional initiatives, and that Turkey aims to involve everyone in the Balkans in order to achieve success through cooperation. 

He also stressed that Turkey supports the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.

Turkish Ambassador to Kosovo, Çağrı Sakar also spoke about the latest diplomatic developments regarding the opening of the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Jerusalem, for which he said that Turkey does not agree with, and even described it as a dangerous action. According to Sakar, Kosovo has violated international laws with this decision.

The lecture of the Turkish diplomat continued with a discussion session where the students had the opportunity to ask questions to the guest speaker.