American Chamber of Nurses and Kosovo Chamber of Nurses hold roundtables and meetings at AAB College

5 April 2024
The American Association of Nurses and the Association of Nurses of Kosovo hold a table and meetings at the AAB College

Today for a joint visit and table at AAB College, representatives from the American Chamber of Nurses and the Kosovo Chamber of Nurses were welcomed, by the vice-rector of AAB College Venera Llunji and the dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences Idriz Sopjani, who accompanied the guests to a visit to the AAB College facility where they saw the laboratories equipped with the latest technology tools and many other spaces.

At the beginning of the joint table, the rector of AAB College, Blerim Olluri, thanked the participants, saying that it is an honor and a privilege for the institution to bring together a number of experts in this field in one place.

“All the guests strengthen our commitment to nursing and health care. We appreciate the role that nurses have in shaping people’s lives, therefore the Faculty of Nursing at AAB College plays an essential role in bringing out new nurses in Kosovo”, said rector Olluri, among other things.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences through a short presentation informed the attendees about the programs contained in this faculty.

“We have made a big impact on the health system by collaborating with the nursing associations and every year we continue to educate those who work in health care. 80% of our students are employed in Kosovo and abroad, especially in Germany, so you can contact us for any kind of cooperation to be a partner in various projects”, said Sopjani.

President of the American Chamber of Nurses Allison P. Squires said that “the role of nurses in society continues to be of particular importance and therefore collaborations with nurses from all over the world are needed so that services are performed in a professional and appropriate manner’’.

Even the president of the Chamber of Nurses, Midwives and other health professionals, Nexhmije Goci, thanked AAB College for the continuous contribution it has made in this field by providing successful staff.

This roundtable was attended by: Allison P. Squires professor and director of the Global Nursing and Midwifery Studies Consortium; Simon A. Jones Professor in the New York Department of Population Health; Roswitha Koch from the Swiss Nurses Association; Brigita Skela Savic, professor at the “Angela Boškin” Faculty of Health Care in Slovenia; Yasemin Gilaner, director from “Hayat” International Hospital Turkey; Blerina Duka, President of the Nursing Order in Albania; Blerta Ilazi, clinical nurse educator from “ReSTORE”; Milko Zanin, professor at “Sant Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences”, in Rome; Ippolito Notarnicola, research nursing coordinator at the Regional Health Emergencies Agency in Italy; Xhemaj Dugolli, vice president of the Chamber of Nurses of Kosovo; Vlora Ejupi, professor.