Another 60 students of AAB College signed employment contracts with “SANA Kliniken AG” from Germany

8 August 2019

The largest hospital network in Germany, SANA Kliniken AG, will soon be joined by 60 new nurses who are completing their studies at AAB College.

This became official today with the signing of employment contracts between AAB students and German employers.

The Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at AAB College, Shqipe Tahiri, expressed happiness that the students will travel to Germany in March 2020 to realize their dreams of being part of a professional medical staff.

She also added that AAB College in addition to signing contracts, has enabled students to attend the Career and Employment Program for free, offering free language courses and vocational training.

On the other hand, the representative of the German clinic “SANA Kliniken AG” Michael Rabus among other things, said that he has seen enthusiasm, hard work and dedication from students who in the future will practice one of the most humane professions.

He thanked AAB College and the Faculty of Nursing for their cooperation throughout this period. Meanwhile, the AAB College Career and Employment Program, established as a result of agreements with German companies, will continue to recruit new students who are in demand in the German labor market.