Another step towards raising the quality of studies – AAB launches the e-Testing platform for electronic course evaluation

27 April 2019

After a period of pilot testing, AAB today successfully implemented the new online student evaluation system developed by the AAB College Software Development Department.

This system serves to further diversify the forms of student performance evaluation and enhances the efficiency of student and teacher engagement. Teachers will now be able to better and more efficiently assess the knowledge and skill acquisition of the student on a weekly or monthly basis.

This new platform also contributes to providing additional information on teacher performance and enhancing the quality of academic services at AAB.

With its digitized services in all sectors, AAB continues to be one of the most committed institutions for innovation and technology, bringing innovation and efficiency to its operations. e-Testing, as a completely original platform, will find use in most study programs, and was highly regarded by both teachers and students who were part of its pilotage.