Architect Arben Meha delivers lecture for master students of the Faculty of Architecture

27 January 2024
Architect Arben Meha holds a lecture for master's level students of the Faculty of Architecture

The Kosovar architect Arben Meha held a lecture with the students of the Faculty of Architecture at the master’s level at AAB College, within the course of Professor Bujar Demjaha.

In this lecture, Meha came in the role of the project manager “With a master plan towards the urban regeneration of Kodra e Trimave in Prishtina”, where he spoke in detail about how this project is expected to be implemented and function.

Through Meha’s presentation, the students saw how the master plan will enable the residents of this neighborhood to have quality living conditions, while it served as inspiration and ideas for their profession.

The students posed questions to Meha that were related to this project, but also other architectural projects for other neighborhoods of the capital.