22 March 2018

Within the “Local Government Debates in Kosovo” cycle being held at AAB College, the Mayor of Gjakova, Adrian Gjini, delivered a lecture to students in the Gjakova campus.

On this occasion, the Vice Rector of AAB College, Shemsedin Vehapi, thanked Mayor Gjini for the availability and time he shared for the students, to discuss issues which are also in mutual interest.

“Such debates with prominent personalities from various fields are almost traditional at AAB College. We believe that the best results in the learning process are achieved through combined work. The theoretical knowledge that you get in lectures and those that you read in books are best combined in the process of building skills “, said Vice Rector Vehapi.

While, the mayor Gjini, in this lecture in front of the students of AAB College, spoke about the new concept of local governance, budget management, about the projects that he is implementing in all sectors after receiving the mandate, about public and administrative services of the municipality as well as for other topics related to local governance.

He also spoke in this lecture about the other challenge that Kosovo has after the Demarcation, which is the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities.

Mayor Gjini said that he does not believe that an Association with executive powers will happen. He explained that any executive cannot function without a legislature, as it cannot make its own laws. Due to this, the Association of Serbian Municipalities cannot have executive powers as it must have the legislature, while the legislature is a representative body, said Gjini.

By the end of this lecture there was a debate which enabled the students of AAB College asked questions which were answered by the mayor of Gjakova, Adrian Gjini.