Ardian Gjini The Mayor of Gjakova, part of the closing activities of the Global Entrepreneurship Week

21 November 2022

The Mayor of Gjakova, Ardian Gjini, held an open discussion with the students of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College in this municipality within the framework of the many activities of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The topic of this discussion was “The role of the municipality in promoting and supporting innovations”, where mayor Gjini said that the municipality of Gjakova has allocated a certain budget for innovation, while the creation of two innovative centers “Bone vet” and “Jakova Innovation Center” are expected to get established.

The students had questions for Gjini regarding the non-functionalization of the economic zone in the municipality of Gjakova, which he said is extremely important and the project has been extended due to the change of powers.

Gjini was also asked about financial support regarding new ideas, as young people claimed that they need such support the most.