Author Eric Faye visits AAB College, hands out free books to students and staff

8 June 2024

Today the French corner “Bistro Montmartre” of AAB College, hosted author Eric Faye, who was welcomed by the vice-rectors Venera Llunji, Hasan Saliu, staff and students.

Faye, during this visit, donated a number of copies of the books “Nagasaki” and “Paris” for the attendees, at the same time for the library of AAB College.

He expressed his gratitude for the organized reception, while talking about the connection with the countries of the Western Balkans, the relations with author Ismail Kadare, his many visits to Albania and the inspiration for his books.

“My connection with the Western Balkans deals with passion, because I read Ismail Kadare’s books and decided to study them. So today I am honored to be at AAB College to talk about books”, said Faye.

Asked by the students, Faye also shared details about “Nagasaki” and “Paris”, saying that one was inspired by Japan, as a place of great interest to him and a destination for his travels.

As for the book “Paris”, he said that it was inspired by the Cold War, with Berlin divided at that time as he imagined that Paris was equally divided.

Author Faye, with his publications, is participating in the 24th Book Fair, which is being held at the Palace of Youth in Pristina.