Award ceremony of the sixth edition of PITF2022 “Burbuqe Berisha”, Enver Petrovci receives main award

17 May 2022

The sixth edition of the only international theater festival in the country, Prishtina International Theater Festival “Burbuqe Berisha” 2022, has concluded with great success.

The solemn award ceremony which was organized by AAB College, in collaboration with Art Image and ATV, made this night an unforgettable one for all those attending but especially for the contestants who came from Spain, Italy, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Kosovo.

Whereas, before the beginning of the ceremony, the attendees watched the documentary about the life and work of Besim Sahatçiu, on which the late Burbuqe Berisha was working.

The director of the festival, Doruntina Alshiqi, said she was happy that this edition ended successfully, emphasizing that the jury had a hard task ahead of them, considering the wonderful performances. “Given the fact that the performances were all good and almost of the same level, it was not easy for the jury to decide on the prizes; but I want to cordially thank all the participants who represented their country and congratulate them on the prizes won.” said Alshiqi.

This year’s edition has marked a total of six very competitive performances from the country, the region and the world.

This year, the main award of PITF 2022, the award for best actor in the lead role, was enjoyed by the actor and director of the play “Muslim”, Enver Petrovci.

Petrovci thanked the organizers of the festival, noting that there are few people in Kosovo who pay attention to and put such value on acting.

“I am really proud of you! You are among the few, if not the only ones, who contribute to the organization of such complete festivals and that make us feel so good, especially us artists. Thank you juries for the decision. “, said Petrovci.

This is the complete list of awards handed out at “Prishtina International Theater Festival” (PITF 2022) this year:

“Best Play: Student Choice” Award – “Muslimani” – Kosovo

“Best Play: Media Choice” Award – “Muslimani” – Kosovo

Best Supporting Actor Award – Jelena Dukic “Iphigenia” – Montenegro

“Best Director” Award – Fatos Berisha “The M Word” – North Macedonia

Best Play Award – “Iphigenia” – Montenegro

The main prize of PITF 2022 “Best Actor” – Enver Petrovci “Muslimani” – Kosovo