Bank for Business presents the “Junior program” to the students of the Economics Faculty of AAB

29 October 2022

Representatives from the Bank for Business, have informed the students of the Faculty of Economics of
AAB College, about the “Junior Program – Sixth Generation”, which offers opportunities to engage young
people in professional training and preparation by the bank’s staff specialized in various fields. These
trainings last three to four months and the program will take place at the HR Academy from BPB, in
Prishtina, where they will then have the opportunity to be employed in the bank after the results and
the skills they show. All final year students, or recent graduates who are studying economics, finance,
information technology, data analysis, financial mathematics, law are invited to apply until November 7
for this program. This program will prepare AAB College students to work in an environment where they
can develop professionally, being more ready for future work challenges. Link for online application:…