“Be a friend, not a bully”, studentt project begins

14 June 2022

In order to increase the agency of students, increase extracurricular activities and enrich student life, AAB College provides financial support to students through project grants. In a close competition between student projects, the winner turned out to be the third-year student project from AAB College’s Faculty of English Language. The student project “Be a friend, not a bully” is funded by AAB College and is being implemented by bachelor’s students of the Faculty of English.

The project entitled “Be a friend, not a bully” was implemented by the project coordinator Artiola Kajtazi and students Erleta Morina, Njomzë Hajrizi, Valdete Menxhiqi and Leart Halili. The project aims to raise students’ awareness of bullying, with special emphasis on bullying within educational institutions. The objectives of the project are to inform students about the consequences, preventive measures and dealing with bullying as well as to encourage students to share their personal stories, in the hope that this will make other students aware of the consequences of this phenomenon.

Discussions with panelists will be held on June 18 and 22. Students, psychologists and those who fell prey to bullying in society, even internationally, will participate in this event.