Bulgaria’s Lyuben Karavelov University to Receive Architecture Graduates of AAB in Doctoral Studies

22 February 2020

Graduates of the Faculty of Architecture and the new teaching staff of AAB College can now pursue doctoral studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Lyuben Karavelov University in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Referring to the Agreement on Cooperation and Protocol, signed long ago by the Vice Rector for Teaching, Prof. ass. Dr. Shemsedin Vehapi and rector of Lyuben Karavelov University, Prof. Arch. Borislav Borisov has recently been finalized. This was achieved on the occasion of the visit of the Rector of AAB College, Dr. Sc. Bujar Demjaha and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Fitim Aliu, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In the wake of international collaborations, this agreement paves the way for closer cooperation between the two institutions, with the aim of professional development for students and teaching staff of the Faculty of Architecture.