Call for applications to the Jeann Monnet module at the Université De Caen Normandie, France

1 March 2024
Call for applications to the Jeann Monnet Module at the Université de Caen Normandie, France

Students of the two levels of studies BA and MA of AAB College are invited to participate in the Jean Monnet Module “Mémoire et Avenir de l’Union Européenne” (MAUE), funded by the Erasmus+ France agency and directed by Armelle Gosselin Gorand, professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Caen Normandy.

The deadline for registration is until April 15, 2024, through this website:

For more information about the summer school:

The module, designed to provide a multidisciplinary understanding of European integration and its challenges, includes a summer school which will be held from 10 to 21 June 2024, according to the following timeline:

Week 1 – June 10 to 14: 22 and a half hours of language courses (English or French as a foreign language)

This module combines French and English language practice. The aim is to build skills in written and spoken comprehension, production and interaction, integrating work on prosodic mechanisms, grammatical structures and lexical elements corresponding to the studied language acts.

Week 2 – June 17 to 21: 28 hours of specialization (in French)

This module offers a 28-hour program of subject-specific teaching, covering a range of topics in French: a look back at European integration; reflections on our law community; challenges of European integration; the role of the CJEU in harmonizing the law, etc. This teaching program will be offered by French and foreign lecturers, and will be accompanied by cultural visits. The cultural activity enables us to work on the cultural theme of the EU’s memory and future and to explore the idea of Unity in Diversity.

Information on fees and registration (open until April 15) is available through the tabs below.

Presentation of the Module:

Information and payment: