Chief Executive of the Independent Media Commission delivers lecture to AAB College students

23 November 2023

Today, the second and third-year students of the Faculty of Mass Communication at AAB College were part of the lecture held by the chief executive of the Independent Media Commission, Faruk Rexhaj. The topic of this lecture was “Mission, role and responsibilities of the IPC”, while the students who are on their way to becoming young journalists had a great interest in the work of this commission. Rexhaj showed in detail the organizational structure of the commission, the departments and the way of functioning. He also said that any citizen who wants to file a complaint and believes that ethical rules have been violated by the media can submit it on the commission’s website, which will then be reviewed and an answer will be provided.

The students, who were in large numbers, had various questions to Rexhaj, about the initiatives that exist for online media and their content, the experiences he has with the non-compliance of the rules by the media, the fines imposed on them in accordance with the violations they commit, the restrictions that should be taken into account by the media, etc.