Community Mental Health Services Were Discussed This Week Within AAB Summer Project

17 July 2021

Within the summer research project “AAB Summer Project” this week was given importance to “Community Mental Health Services”, as in a positive sense, mental health is the foundation for the individual well-being and effective functioning of a community.

To discuss this topic, in front of the students of AAB College, have referred Dr. Sami Rexhepi, director and neuropsychiatrist at the Mental Health Center in Prishtina; Behare Bojaxhiu, specialist in clinical psychology and psychologist; and Vjosa Berisha, specialist in clinical psychology and psychologist at the same center.

Among other things, this center provides services for mental health, rehabilitation and resocialization of patients with chronic psychiatric disorders and other disorders in the field of mental health. These services are provided in Prishtina, Mitrovica, Gjilan, Peja, Gjakova, Ferizaj and Prizren.

Based on many years-experience, Dr. Sami Rexhepi called on psychology students as future psychologists, never to prejudice clients, despite the nature of the problems they may bring with them.

He further instructed the students that from the moment the client opens the door to enter the office of the mental health professional, this means a lot because we don’t know how long it took that person to get such courage.

Further, special emphasis was given to the family aspect for a better personalized balanced functioning between the physical health and the emotional aspect of clients. Therefore, Vjosa Berisha highlighted family psychoeducation as a crucial component in the success of treatment. From practical experience were taken examples of interpretations of drawings for family roles, made by clients during psychotherapeutic sessions.

For the sake of the maintenance of provided services, the speakers have opened as issues of discussion the visits of the teams to the field to see closely the true client-family relationship. In the discussion, psychologist Behare Bojaxhiu emphasized that one of the principles and tasks of a psychologist is not to prejudice clients regardless of the basic values and beliefs they may have. The spirit of the multidisciplinary team is emphasized to combine psychological and neuropsychiatric services in cases when the imaginary world of the client who is receiving services in this center is included.

At the end, there was a discussion on the possibility for students of AAB College to do practical work at the Mental Health Center in Pristina, while the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology Naim Telaku, in the capacity of the event organizer, thanked the guests, students and all those have contributed to the organization of this cycle of activities within the AAB Summer Project.